Fall reflections about the summer at camp

As we head into the crisp, clear days of fall it is a great time for reflection and contemplation about the past summer at camp.  Life in Maine takes on a slower pace at this time of year and we are able to take a few minutes to look back on the great moments that happened over the summer season and to figure out if we need to make any improvements for the upcoming year.

Runoia zen

As we connect with parents of returning campers and those potential families that may be joining us next summer, read surveys and talk to staff it is a great opportunity for us to get a variety of feedback.  Summer camp is a fleeting season filled to the brim with experiences, relationship building and a myriad of tasks that fill up our ‘fine Maine days.’

Once the chaos of back to school has settled and we are into our more relaxed off season routines mid-October is a perfect time to chat.  We love conversations with parents about the changes they have seen since their daughter came home from camp, growth she has made or just the stories she had to tell about her camp experiences.  When reach outs about enrollment result in ‘she wouldn’t miss it for the world’ or ‘she would be so mad if I missed out on signing her up’ we are gratified that we produced another great Runoia summer for our girls.

View from the Runoia boathouse

In order to fill those few remaining spaces that are open the fall also allows us time to refine our marketing strategy for the upcoming season .  In a world of photo shop and fake news we try to accurately sell the product that is a Runoia summer.  We market what we can produce and hope that our happy customers will keep coming back for more.  With attention paid to any feedback that helps us to continue striving for excellence, we feel like we can really create an evolving product that stays true to our traditions and camp culture.  As we talk to new families not only about the generic benefits of a sleep away summer camp experience we also ask them to reflect on the type of place that would best suit their child.  We want our campers to feel like Camp Runoia is truly their home away from home and to be able to meet the goals they may have set themselves for the summer.

While we continue to reach out to our community we also invite you to share your thoughts about Runoia and help our reflections gain substance.  We are certain that the summer season of Runoia 2018 will be here before we know it and we are already excited for our 112th season on Great Pond.


Fall in Maine

Season of bounty

I truly love living in Maine, mostly because of the distinct change in the seasons.  Remember I grew up in England where 50 and drizzly is the most common year round weather! Each season in Maine has unique offerings and a diversity of outdoor activities that are specific to it.  While the summer and overnight camp is obviously top of my list each other season has it’s own feel and events to look forward to.

img_1736Fall is truly a quick change, from long, warm summer days by the lake to days that become crisp, cool and seem suddenly so much shorter.   Early Saturday soccer matches are often spent wrapped in a fleece blanket to ward off the chill and what would be E.P time at camp is already PJ’s and a book time.



There is certainly at this time of year more leisure time in my schedule. I love to be out in the crisp Maine air enjoying a hike or a drive through the foliage.



One of my favorite Fall rites of passage is to go apple picking.  There are many local orchards and we often go a few times just to make sure that we hit all of our favorites spots.  The bakery at a couple of places is an added incentive.  The picking doesn’t take too long but sorting and figuring out what to make afterwards is often an enjoyable all-day event.  Some apples are designated for eating, we always make plenty of cinnamon apple sauce, apple crisp is a big favorite and then we enjoy scouring Pinterest for random recipes to use up the rest.

I often wish that camp lasted into these late September days so we could share the bounty of Maine with our Runoia family.  Wherever you are I hope that you Fall is fun and filled with quality family time and outdoor fun.


Camp Runoia’s season of change

October is an interesting month in the camp Runoia office.  It is finally a time to breathe and reflect while enjoying the beauty of the seasons changing around us.  Camp in the fall is so quiet with the merriment of summer long gone, the days getting shorter and a chill in the air.  Flip flops are no longer the footwear of choice and layers are the way to dress as you never quite know how the day will turn out.

leavesOur days are filled with pondering, questions and often discussion.  There are many aspects of the camp business to reflect upon as we contemplate the past season and plan for the next.  What site and facility jobs must be accomplished before the snow flies? how many spaces will be open for new girls? which staff are invited back?  what were the summer highlights? where do we need to improve? how will winter tasks be distributed?

winter scene shovelingThere is time to spend looking through the thousands of photos from the summer, to miss the happy smiling faces and reminisce about people and events.  There is more time to chat on the phone with returning and prospective parents and to connect together as a team to share our hopes for the next season.

OchoAs the last leaves get raked off of the archery field we are glad for this time of change and hopeful that when the leaves appear again  we will be ready to greet the spring and be well prepared for our new 2015 season of camp!


Fall Is Here

Fall is well and truly here. The colder mornings, the blue skies and sunshine with a touch of crisp air, being able to layer and wear your favourite scarf, all clear signs of fall. I am sure everyone has now got acquainted with their post-summer schedule. It may be, being back at school, going to XC practice, soccer practice, dance classes, back to your musical instrument lessons, being back at work the list goes on.

At camp as you can see the leaves are starting to turn and slowly starting to fall. Take a minute this week and have a look around you at the foliage evolving as the season goes on. Now that the school routine is back in full swing you may be reminiscing about the fun times you had at Runoia during the summer. Remember to check out the slideshow of memories on You Tube. Also we want to know what you are up to, 5k races, soccer games,concerts, hanging out anything fun.

Keep an eye out here, our Facebook page and Twitter page about upcoming chances to re-connect with the Runoia community. This may look like, but not limited to; 5k races, Apple picking, Pumpkin patch visit, Bowling night, Winter Ski weekend and more. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

I found this fun pumpkin pie smoothie recipe for the fall season. Click the picture to see more, try it and let us know what you think.