Camp Runoia’s season of change

October is an interesting month in the camp Runoia office.  It is finally a time to breathe and reflect while enjoying the beauty of the seasons changing around us.  Camp in the fall is so quiet with the merriment of summer long gone, the days getting shorter and a chill in the air.  Flip flops are no longer the footwear of choice and layers are the way to dress as you never quite know how the day will turn out.

leavesOur days are filled with pondering, questions and often discussion.  There are many aspects of the camp business to reflect upon as we contemplate the past season and plan for the next.  What site and facility jobs must be accomplished before the snow flies? how many spaces will be open for new girls? which staff are invited back?  what were the summer highlights? where do we need to improve? how will winter tasks be distributed?

winter scene shovelingThere is time to spend looking through the thousands of photos from the summer, to miss the happy smiling faces and reminisce about people and events.  There is more time to chat on the phone with returning and prospective parents and to connect together as a team to share our hopes for the next season.

OchoAs the last leaves get raked off of the archery field we are glad for this time of change and hopeful that when the leaves appear again  we will be ready to greet the spring and be well prepared for our new 2015 season of camp!