Get outdoors. Learn how to multi-task and stay focused.

Teach! Laugh! Work where you are supported. Learn sustainable practices. Be part of a team! Make life long friends. Camp Runoia counselors make a difference in children’s lives. It is a tough job where you work long hours and dedicate your day to others. Without a doubt, you will learn a lot about yourself and others build mad skills! Come on and join in!

Camp Runoia has opportunities for college students, graduate school students, educators, camp professionals and youth development professionals. Apply for a seasonal job with us and have a meaningful summer experience. Many staff return for multiple summers and gain skills they can apply to a spectrum of careers and will carry with them throughout their lives.

Camp Runoia had a significant impact on life in many ways. Not only did it give me invaluable experiences with a range of fabulous young people, which ultimately shaped my future decision to become a teacher, it also helped me grow in confidence and self worth.” – Fran

Check us out and apply today! Find out more about Runoia on our Blog our Facebook page and our Staff Handbook!

Runoia truly changed my life for the better in so many ways. It made me believe in myself after spending years of doing mediocrely in school and helped me become one of the most independent people I know. I strongly believe, if someone is able, they should do everything they can to work at camp.” – Emma


Our Runoia Mission is “Building lifelong skills and empowering campers and staff to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and with nature.”

My experiences at camp encourage me to break out of my comfort zone. At Runoia, there are innumerable opportunities to acquire skills, try out activities, and interact with strangers that will become lifelong friends. It can be scary, especially for a shy person like myself, to break out of one’s normal, comfortable routine. Runoia offers an environment that encourages growth, and I can say that this has made an enormous difference in both my personal life and career.” – Rachel