Fall in Maine

Season of bounty

I truly love living in Maine, mostly because of the distinct change in the seasons.  Remember I grew up in England where 50 and drizzly is the most common year round weather! Each season in Maine has unique offerings and a diversity of outdoor activities that are specific to it.  While the summer and overnight camp is obviously top of my list each other season has it’s own feel and events to look forward to.

img_1736Fall is truly a quick change, from long, warm summer days by the lake to days that become crisp, cool and seem suddenly so much shorter.   Early Saturday soccer matches are often spent wrapped in a fleece blanket to ward off the chill and what would be E.P time at camp is already PJ’s and a book time.



There is certainly at this time of year more leisure time in my schedule. I love to be out in the crisp Maine air enjoying a hike or a drive through the foliage.



One of my favorite Fall rites of passage is to go apple picking.  There are many local orchards and we often go a few times just to make sure that we hit all of our favorites spots.  The bakery at a couple of places is an added incentive.  The picking doesn’t take too long but sorting and figuring out what to make afterwards is often an enjoyable all-day event.  Some apples are designated for eating, we always make plenty of cinnamon apple sauce, apple crisp is a big favorite and then we enjoy scouring Pinterest for random recipes to use up the rest.

I often wish that camp lasted into these late September days so we could share the bounty of Maine with our Runoia family.  Wherever you are I hope that you Fall is fun and filled with quality family time and outdoor fun.