Choose Your Activities at Runoia

Hone your skills and follow your unique passions in Runoia’s choice-based program!

At Runoia, campers make their own 4-period schedules from 30+ activity choices in 2-day and 3-day blocks each week. Runoia’s choice-based structure allows campers to explore their interests, change their mind throughout the session, and focus on skill-building in their favorite activities. Check out all of our activities and our daily schedule below.

Runoia offers skill building and tracking across blocks, sessions, and years! Campers who return year after year have the opportunity to work toward major achievements in activity areas – for example:

Advanced Equestrian

Advanced Skipper

Windsurfing Queen

American Archer

Queen of the Shot

and MORE!

Specialty Programs

Check out our outstanding Equestrian Program.

Learn about our “rookie camp” for 7 and 8 year old campers called “Harmony Land Camp“.

Ask about our other specialty programs:

Counselor-in-Training (CIT) for 16 year olds and Junior Maine Guide (JMG) program for 14 -17 year old campers and CITs.

Inquire: or call #207-495-2228


Arts & Crafts

Basket Weaving



Camp Craft



Farm & Garden



Leadership Program

Mtn. Bike





Ropes & Climbing



Stained Glass


Swim Lessons




Wilderness Trip Program


Wood Burning

Wood Shop



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A Typical Daily Schedule of Activities and Program

7:30-9:30 Wake up, breakfast, cabin clean up and assembly
9:30-11:50 Activity blocks - two elective activity choices and swim lessons, with snack in between
11:50-12:30 Recreation Swim (optional) and Unstructured Free Time
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Rest hour
2:30-4:50 Activity blocks - two elective activity choices and swim lessons, with snack in between
5:00-6:00 Recreational swim or Unstructured Free Time
6:00-6:45 Supper
7:00 Evening Program – varies nightly
8:10 Junior “Milk and Crackers” followed by prep for bed
8:30 Senior “Milk and Crackers” followed by prep for bed
9:00 pm Junior lights out
9:30 pm Senior lights out
Throughout the Day! Unstructured play time is part of our daily lives at camp. Living in an unplugged, face-to-face community allows campers to safely explore free play and people to people interaction throughout the day.

Bees and Elephants - New in 2022!

New in 2022, the Runoia team names and colors have been updated to be more inclusive. Within a week of being a camper you are randomly assigned to the Elephant or Bee Team. Campers can earn individual points for their team in sports like: swimming, riding, sailing, tennis, Junior Maine Guide programs, cross country or triathlons and team points in soccer, kickball, softball, volley ball, swim meets, sailing races, kayak and canoe races and more. The Bees are cheered on by their mascot “Blue-y Bee” – watch out for that sting and wear indigo.  The Elephants have “Stomping Silver” the elephant to charge on through all the sports and their team color is silver. Competition is fun and focused on personal best with participation encouraged.

Check out our Camp Map!

Camp Map