We understand the trust you place in us at Camp Runoia. We take the responsibility very seriously. We want to connect with you before, during and after the summer to partner together to make this the best experience for your campers.

Gone are the days of the early camp “movement” of putting your child on a train to Maine with a steamer trunk and not hearing from them until 10 weeks later with maybe only a few letters that made their way back and forth. We are available and in contact with parents throughout the summer and want to hear how camp has helped your child to stretch and grow.

We want to know about your camper before she comes to camp so that we can help her to be successful. We want to touch base with new families within the first few days of camp to let you know how she is settling in to her new camp. We love to hear from you when she writes letters home, the funny stories, her feelings about something going on at camp – anything and everything.

Directors are available by email and phone 24 hours a day at Runoia. Often many days will go by without being in touch but we want you to know we are here for you. We know just getting an answer to a quick email can relieve your nervousness and we will respond within 24 hours of you contacting us.

Sometimes homesickness goes both ways and it can be just as hard for parents as for campers to experience separation. Remember you are giving a gift – a chance to experience independence with genuine adults around to help campers navigate new surroundings. What a skill to learn, what a gift to be given. Plus, Runoia campers are having fun, meeting people, trying new things and honing old skills.

Camp’s ability to develop 21st century skills from face to face collaboration to team work and group problem solving help children build life skills. Camp is more than just clean air and fun these days – camp is a profound life shaping experience. We are honored to be part of the growth of your children and we take the responsibility very seriously. Not only that, but we love what we do and we are passionate about youth development and being part of helping prepare your campers for life. Thank you for sharing your child with us!

Please peruse our Parent/Family Handbook to find out how you can help your daughters’ summer be successful.


Communication is a key part of partnering together.

Before camp communication, being in contact during and after camp is our hopes for ongoing dialogue about your camper’s summer camp experience.

"Runoia was responsible for shaping my personality, my priorities, my inspirations and my aspirations."


Cape Elizabeth, Maine