Our “Health Shack”, supervised by our camp health team, is accessible 24 hours a day.  We are a generally healthy population and like to keep it that way!

Our health team review each campers’ medical history and medications. Families meet with the medical staff on opening day to review any needs of the campers.

  • Campers with allergies including some food allergies and environmental allergies can have a great experience at Runoia.
  • Campers with medications get them from the health team primarily at mealtimes and bedtime as prescribed by their physicians.
  • Our health team members are sensitive to both the physical and emotional well-being of our campers and counselors and treat them with respect and confidentiality.

Our caring team will attend to any on-camp medical need as it arises. Their job is to manage health and wellness and assess medical situations requiring a higher level of care. They are in contact with our director team on a daily basis and as needs arise. nurses-1Medical doctors, orthopedist, other medical specialists, dentists and orthodontists are within 5-20 minutes drive and will treat our girls when necessary. We have a local ambulance service staffed with trained EMTs available at all times.Maine General Hospital in Augusta, Maine is our go-to emergency facility.

Parents are contacted when a child stays overnight in the Health Center, needs out of camp care, or needs to be started on prescription medication. We contact parents or the emergency contact person in the event of an accident or serious injury.dsc_0002-1
Camp Runoia navigates mental health needs as is appropriate in a residential camp setting. It may be possible for campers to connect with their own outside providers during their camp stay. We have a health team staff focused on emotional well being and will partner with parents to ensure emotional safety and behavioral needs can be accomodated at camp. As with physical injury or illness, families are contacted when there are mental health concerns with their camper.

CAMP FOOD – We love our food! A fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal bar, twice daily salad bar, Friday night pizza, everyone’s needs are met at Runoia Dining Hall. We spend 2/3 of our meals together in our camp Dining Hall and picnic together for 1/3 of the weekly meals. Family style dining in mixed age groups with counselors is how our dining hall runs. Table groups rotate weekly so you get to sit with different people each week. Outdoor picnic style meals are a fun and relaxed way to enjoy a meal with friends. Special food needs are met with ease and support from our food service team. Vegetarian fare is available at every meal and snacks and desserts alternate sweet and fruit, savory and healthy to balance out our food service of 3 meals and 3 snacks each day.

Showers –

Our shower houses are well maintained and each cabin group has dedicated shower time scheduled. We have a “Junior Soapies”, a “Mid Soapies” and a “Senior Village Soapies” each with four shower stalls and individual changing rooms.

Unstructured play time is part of our daily lives at camp. Living in an unplugged, face-to-face community allows campers to explore free play and people to people interaction throughout the day.

Unstructured time and free play happens each day at Runoia!

At Camp Runoia we think of camp as fun with intention – we are focused not only on having fun, but helping your child grown into an independent and confident person who is discovering themselves as a stand-up person, a strong athlete, a purposeful leader, a creative artist and true friend.

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