Oh, here enrollment comes – with fife and drum

Oh, here enrollment comes – with fife and drum! Can you believe it?

We are rounding the corner into the last week of September, and today marks the very first day of fall. Though Runoia closed its gates more than a month ago now, today marks a more official goodbye to summer. In Colorado, we are planning ‘leaf peeping’ trips in accordance with peak foliage around the state. This is one of my favorite parts of the year, and yet I can’t help but feel a little ache for the summer days anyway.

The good news: the camp flow never really stops, and we’ve been gearing up for summer 2023 for longer than you can imagine already! September has been a busy month of early registration for our returning families and Alex and I have been watching excitedly as our next summer cabin lists quickly take shape with familiar names.


So, let’s talk enrollment: how it works, when it happens each year, how new families can claim a space, and why HLC (Harmony Land Camp) is the BEST time to get your child’s Camp Runoia experience started.

Enrollment comes around quickly after summer’s end, with early enrollment for new families opening at the end of August. This may seem crazy – with camp ending mere weeks prior, but knowing what our camp community will look like each summer far in advance helps us plan the best for each unique year! Early enrollment means:

  • Families with camper(s) who attended the previous summer have the right to first refusal of that space for the full month of September. Returning families will claim that space by applying on our Camp in Touch system and sending their deposit.
  • Provided there is space available, siblings of returning campers may also be enrolled during early enrollment.
  • Spaces are reserved only within the same session(s) your camper(s) attended the previous summer.

New families are always excitedly welcomed – there is so much joy in adding a new name to our cabin lists knowing that someone is about to have their very first Runoia summer! Here’s what to know about enrollment as a new family:

  • The earlier the better – families who get connected early, meet us over Zoom or phone, or come for a tour are more likely to be first in line for available spaces that open on October 1st.
  • Interested families should reach out to Colleen or Alex to set up a meet-and-greet Zoom or phone call to get to know camp, ask questions, and be penciled in for space or be placed on our waitlist.
  • Taking a look at our dates and rates to get a good sense of what session works best for your family helps you be prepared to enroll!

Now – a not-so-secret insider piece of information: starting with our Harmony Land Camp program is the best way to enroll, introduce your child to Runoia and the camp experience, and secure your space for future summers. Here’s why:

  • Since our HLC sessions are our ‘starter camp’ groups, they are the youngest group in camp. Most campers move up the following summer into a junior end cabin, leaving spaces available in all of our HLC options! Since our cabin attrition is so low, this is the easiest group to snag a spot.
  • Once you’ve secured your spot, your family will have access to early enrollment each following year for as long as they attend. The hard part is over, and enrollment is a breeze!
  • HLC can help your child transition into a new experience and feel more prepared for and positive about enrollment and camp in the future!

Enrollment can be daunting, but we’re here to help! See you October 1st for OPEN ENROLLMENT!

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