News from Camp July 31

It’s been a busy week on Great Pond and around the pine tree State of Maine. Here are some highlights and hopefully your daughters are pausing to write you about their personal adventures!

Miss Tacky Runoia was a silly night of fun enjoyed by all. This year the tackiest contestant and her team was from Ocho! All things in moderation as we balanced with campfire night theme of Peacefulness. We had a gorgeous evening by the lake and each shack group presented their expression of peacefulness. Other Evening Programs include: Carnival with fun stations including pin the rainbow tail on the unicorn and fortune telling, Powder Fairies, Fractured Fairy Tales and more!

We wrapped up the windy week on the lake with beautiful sunshine and calm waters to start off a new week with a lake of glass to waterski, tube, canoe, kayak, SUP and swim. Sailors practice capsize drills and cheer for wind. A group of girls ran in the Belgrade Library 5K run to raise funds for the local library. Junior Maine Guide candidates returned with new appreciation for the art of living outdoors, protecting the Maine environment and a number of tests under their belt for next years’ testing camp. Three proud young ladies passed JMG and now are part of an elite group of outdoors people!

Trips left this week for Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Flagstaff Lake and Bigelow Mt. Bigelow is on a section of the Appalachian Trail and it’s a time of year where our campers pass many a through-hiker hiking from Georgia to Maine. Flagstaff is a unique Maine lake that was flooded years ago to create a hydro-electric dam and there is loads of driftwood or “dri-ki” which is softened from years of being tossed along the rocky shores. Speaking of cool things, our neighborhood moose “Buddy” is still walking around the point and the 700 acres around camp.

Finally, the biggest excitement was choosing Blue White teams and new campers now have a team they are on for life! In fact, children and grandchildren also land of the same time over the generations, so, some new campers joined their mom’s or grandmother’s teams! Team captains have been elected so we are looking forward to sports including swim races, softball and kickball, the horse show and hopefully some sailing, archery and tennis in the near future.

All camp photos were taken over last weekend so we expect some postings on Facebook if they haven’t already appeared since this news was written.

Enjoy the week – because we sure are!

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