Camp trunk?

A trunk or not a trunk? that is the question!

I am a first time at sleep away camp for my youngest daughter Mom this year.  My oldest did a whole bunch of programs that either just required a duffel bag or a suitcase.   She was more the college campus, camp kind of girl! it’s been a while so I am back shopping for camp supplies.

Today’s question for deliberation is what to pack in to? A trunk or duffel bags? and if we do decide on a  trunk what type? my head is already swirling just contemplating thinking about it.  You would think as the camp director I’d have a clear vision but it seems that there are so many pro’s and con’s for each option.  To me the ubiquitous trunk screams sleep away camp and is a connection to the long time tradition of kids packing up for the summer and heading out by train to camp.  But wait this is 2015 and no one arrives by train anymore and we won’t be traveling far with her stuff!

The girls that bring trunks to camp love them as they are a great catch all for spare towels and linens dress up clothes and all manner of junk you can just throw in there before cabin inspection.  You can sit on them, use them to get up to your top bunk and play a round of cards on top.  Trunks these days comes in such an array of styles and colors they can be an identity statement and it’s also pretty cool to bring your parents old camp trunk.

camp-trunk-botanical-explosion-trunkDuffel bags are easy to pack and can be tucked away on the luggage rack collecting dust bunnies until the end of the season. With all of her stuff unpacked she won’t forget about items that may be stored in the trunk and will be able to see everything.

thWhichever option we go with I am sure it will work out fine it usually comes out about 50/50 amongst the campers. There are then those international staff who manage to put everything they need for the entire summer into one small backpack maybe that’s what we should do!

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