Snail Mail or Online – How do you like “The Log” and Your Runoia News Delivered?

Since the summer of 1910, Camp Runoia events and news have been recorded each summer and bound into Log Books and stored in the Runoia Lodge. From the traditional “statistics” to the “Lost and Found” and the “Log Dedication”, to the photos of cabin groups and lists of people in camp, the Log encapsulates the summer events, people, places and things (including jokes and First Impressions, Trip Songs and Stories, poetry and campfire themes) and inks it to paper, forever to be held in the annals of history.

The tradition continues to this date and the Logs are enjoyed by campers and counselors in camp, alumnae and their families visiting camp and some adult children of alumnae who come back to see their mother or grandmother’s camp. The Logs are also reference books, holding the history of Blue White team lists, cabin lists and a record of the summer events at camp. You can peruse the Logs from 1910 to 2009 on the Runoia website.

Betty and Phil Cobb started a bi-annual newsletter connecting Runoia alumnae to camp in the 1970s and aptly named it “The Log”. The newsletter captures the milestones of alumnae, celebrates the donors and volunteers of CRAO who support “Betty Cobb Campership Fund”, a President’s Letter and Greeting from Camp. The Log announces alumnae events and reunions and brings news from camp to your doorstep. Here’s the most recent copy of “The Log” Volume XXX issue ii, Fall 2017. The Roman numerals were adopted after the initial volumes but Betty Cobb’s formal-style of numbering the Log is continued to date.

Whether you prefer your issue of the “The Log” in hard copy by snail mail or to read it online, your Runoia news is available twice a year!



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