Please review the Runoia Packing List and Packing Do’s and Don’ts and make sure you have what you need. Thank you!

Packing Do’s and Don’ts

Shop for uniform items and logowear at The Camp Spot. We recommend ordering early due to supply chain delays.

Get your labels here from Mable’s Labels!

Order your horseback riding gear from our equestrian outfitter Hemphill’s Saddlery! Email to order or for questions by June 10 for first/full season or by June 30 for second session.

Hemphills 2022 Essentials Package(1)

The joke in Maine is the state bird is the mosquito! Some summers we have hardly but there are always bugs out in the evening and on trips out of camp. We recommend Ranger Ready with 20% Picaridin. Click here to connect to their site to order your bug spray and enter RUNOIAC21 for a 15% discount!


Have free time. Enjoy time with friends.

Camp Runoia is an authentic, down to earth, caring sleepaway camp. 130 campers with 70 adults helping to make the experience at camp genuine and safe. Most girls stay for one session and some come for the whole summer.

Runoia campers never forget.

Your Runoia friends are your family. Your camp friends become “sisters for the summer”and you may discover your camp friends are your closest friends in the world.

"Unstructured play time is part of our daily lives at camp. Living in an unplugged, face-to-face community allows campers to explore free play and people to people interaction throughout the day. "

Unstructured Play