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Yes! Discover a lost art this summer – writing letters and cards! Camp is a wonderful opportunity to begin written correspondence with your child. Our campers love to receive mail at camp. Camp Stamps are a fun way to email your camper – they are available through your parent dashboard. Campers with birthdays during their session may have a small birthday package.

Camp Runoia is dedicated to all of its campers, providing a distinct summer experience that is packed with challenge, learning and fun. Activities are important, trips are important, campfires are important, singing is important but above all, at Runoia, CAMPERS ARE PARAMOUNT!

Our campers are kind, engaged, adventurous, inclusive and full of life. They come from all over the country and several countries outside of the USA. Each camper brings her own unique talents and personality that adds to the richness of cabin life and our community as a whole.

Campers at Runoia live in cabins outfitted with limited electricity and most have an attached bathroom with toilets and sinks. Shower Houses are sprinkled throughout camp and offer additional toilet facilities. Cabins are cozy buildings that soon feel like home as campers forge deep connections with their fellow campers and counselors. Cabins have ten to fourteen campers and three to four counselors. Cabin assignments are carefully planned and organized by the directors. Our cabins are an amazing place to spend a summer!

Since 1960 Camp Runoia has been continuously accredited by the American Camp Association, complying with over 300 safety standards. ACA is Camp Runoia’s link to a global camping community and an opportunity to network professionally with peers and educators worldwide.

Meal time at Runoia is time to connect, time to share and of course time to eat. Campers and counselors sit together in multi-age assigned tables. Tables rotate weekly ensuring campers are able to spend time with many members of the camp community. Table groups soon become fast friends as they share well balanced meals. Camp Runoia is committed to providing meals that are healthy and provide a variety of choice. To enhance meal time, some picnic-style meals are offered outside of our dining hall. Early summer evenings are especially pretty on Great Pond and our campers really appreciate the chance to have even more time outside before evening activities.

Every couple of days there is tag up for activities, campers make choices for either a 2 or 3 day 'majors block' and follow their selected schedule for those days. Each block they can choose a variety of activities for open periods, swimming lessons are preassigned. Next time there is tag up for the following block, choices change. Over a few summers, campers are able get a major block in every activity at Camp Runoia. If there is room in the schedule girls can repeat a majors block. One block each session will likely be an overnight camping trip.

Cabin groups are rotated through sign up and each cabin gets a chance to have a day where they get first pick at all the activities.

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