Beginnings and endings

Endings and new beginnings

It is amazing how much we cram into a week at camp!  What a diversity of experiences there have been in the past few days.  Even the weather has kept us on or toes with moderate winds to dead calm and baking sun to a cool rainy day.  We have had new beginnings every day and very happy endings.

For EP we have been energetic at the scavenger hunt and chilled out at campfire, really tacky during everyone’s favorite ‘Ms Tacky Runoia’ and talented at our very own Runoia’s got talent’s show the Voice and USA gymnastics team had better watch out!

Team captains were chosen with the ‘A’ team of Ally and Anna leading the Whites and  Z and Eliza managing the Blues.  All of the girls that chose to run for the position gave great speeches at assembly and were commended for having the courage to ‘give it a go.’  Soccer games were already played with many more activities to compete in this coming week.

IMG_2444We have seen so many firsts as girls tried new things, met new people and adventured far and wide and we are beginning to see some of the lasts for our oldest campers.  Painting their boards to put up in the boat house was bitter sweet.

Perhaps the most meaningful moment of the week was our youngest and newest group of campers the ‘Harmony Land Camp’ girls sharing their love with the graduating senior village girls.  It was the first Runoia campfire for the HLC girls and the last as campers for our graduates.  A very meaningful moment as traditions are passed along and legacies left to the next generation.  Harmony Land Camp is our new short session taster program for 7 and 8 year old girls and it is already a big hit.

HLC at Nina's

We will make the most of our last 5 days of first session and are already anticipating the ‘see you next summer’ goodbyes as we hug those we now call our ‘summer sisters.’


See you soon!


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