What’s New This Week?

Hi Families! What’s on our mind about news today is the events of the past week. New in 2016, we are posting our news here in the blog rather than sending home a paper newsletters. Enjoy!

Runoia Girls Learn All Day!
Runoia Girls Learn All Day!

Camp started off with the most amazing and beautiful whether we have ever had. Activities roared into high gear as campers were eager to climb, ride, sail, hike, make art, play tennis, do archery and riflery, windsurf, canoe, kayak and head out on trips.

Trips headed to the wilderness this week included: 6th shack backpacking on Saddleback and canoers paddled on Umbagog. Saddleback is on the famous Appalachian Trail and Umbagog is a quiet lake on the Canadian border.

Runoia Gals Exploring Maine
Runoia Gals Exploring Maine

The 2nd Shack crew had a lovely evening at Fairy Ring and enjoyed S’mores for dessert. 4th Shack canoed to Oak Island and camped out enjoying pizza soup, pancakes in the morning and returned in time to go to major classes.

Do you know what your daughter’s major was this past week? Major classes run 5 periods over the week allowing your daughter to build progressive skills in the activity. If news is slow to come from your daughter.

Majors at Runoia are MAJOR!
Majors at Runoia are MAJOR!

Reflection: Have you been tuned into the Growth Mindset in education. Growth vs Fixed Mindset is inspiring teachers in the classrooms across the country and guess what????? Growth mindset has been a thing at youth camps for over 100 years! Reflection and intentionality, including personal accountability, are tools we use at the beginning of our majors week (goal setting) and reflection happens at the end of most classes and “circle up” is part of the end of the day in shack groups throughout camp. Taking the time to set goals, reflect on what was accomplished and re-think what you want to accomplish next cements the learning process into lifelong skills.

Here’s one educators take on Growth Mindset: We at Runoia proudly believe in camp as a key part of youth development and building 21st century skills. Read our blog on Why Camp? AND – we have fun this week! This week in Evening Program we played

Ta da! Prestidigitation - a word of the day this week!
Ta da! Prestidigitation – a word of the day this week!

Run Sheepy Run, had Lip Synching contests, Song Trivia, The Laundry Bag Game, Mostest, Broom Hockey, Gaga Tournaments, Chill Out EP and more!

Happy Fourth of July! We can’t wait to share with you what we experience after another full week of camp!


Love, Aionur

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