Filling the Holiday with Less – Runoia Ideas

Ah! Those days of unplugged summer are 6 months behind or ahead of us as we are deep in the busy holiday season.

Merry. Joyful. Happy.

Sometime it’s hard to muster the thought!

As we race around trying to “get ‘er done” and “just survive” here are some ideas for getting more out of less. From child centered events that make the holiday season special to mindfulness exercises for children, organize and take a moment to have a merrier time. Also, let’s realize adults aren’t the only ones that get stressed. The mindfulness exercises and/or body scans for children are a great way to help children decompress and allow them to enjoy what they have rather than wishing for what they don’t have!

Among the many parenting blogs, has a decent list of holiday events from Channuka to Christmas. Go to and choose “By Area”. Not to stress you out, lol, but tree lightings are happening around the US in the next few days. For example, here’s Westchester area listings:

Before and after you plan your excursions, craft projects, secret gifting and more holiday fun, spend some time on the Mindful site at There are simple and fabulous ideas for winding down to get more enjoyment and civility (!) among siblings and in the family:

and specifically try a body scan:

So! Learn from Runoia’s #lifelongskills and be like a #runoiagal:

Relax, Plan and Enjoy

Warm wishes as the 31 days of December are upon us!



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