The Spirit of Giving

Runoia’s continued partnership with World of Change deepens the spirit of giving. We feel honored to donate to WOC on behalf of our campers and staff.

Last summer we encouraged families to bring their loose change to camp. In the US over $10 million in loose change exists today. That’s about $90 per household.  Founder and executive of WOC, Matt Hoidal, came to camp to share about the organization with our campers. Amidst cheers and clapping, holding up two large jars of change, Matt exclaimed, you are giving over $200! Matt explained how ALL the money raised goes directly to recipients. His salary is paid by a donor so that none of the overhead in running the organization is paid through donations. What a great model!

Matt then surprised us by sharing that all the money will go to specific needs and, wait for it, we can choose! The campers decided to buy a bed for a child who was sleeping on the floor, backpacks for back to school students and hot meals for people who needed food. We all got a warm feeling from the experience.

This summer we hope to double our change fundraiser. At the beginning and end of each session, change jars will be available. Collect change at home or find some in your car on opening or closing day. You’ll get a great feeling from being part of the movement!

And, if you’re reading this and want to do a mitzvah, you can raise money at your school or community for World of Change. Find out more about inspiring others here.

We are thrilled to make the connection this holiday season and donate to WOC from all of us at Runoia.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Aionur

How to Have a Successful Inclusive Thanksgiving “Runoia-Style”

Here are some ways to have an inclusive Thanksgiving that will not break the bank or your state of well-being. How do we pull off events and meals all day every day at camp? We plan ahead and have a back up plan and delegate responsibilities to others.

Planning and organizing your day and meal will help to reduce stress and create a day where everyone, even you, can have a day that fills your cup. In the spirit of giving and being thankful, you can pull off a celebration that gives you energy. Reaching out to others and sharing a meal and some outdoor time is what this holiday means to Camp Runoia.

Ways to make it inclusive and positive could include:

  • Have an early afternoon meal so local friends can drive home afterwards.
  • Keep the meal simple maybe just 5-7 sides with turkey.
  • Support your local farmers – order a turkey now or get your sides from their farm stands. Squash, greens, onions and other sides are perfect fall harvests.
  • Have other people bring a dish to share. Find some side ideas here and get people to volunteer assignments:
  • Remember your vegetarian friends and have them bring a veggie substitute for turkey.  Invite them and have a plant based option for their main course. Let them know you’ll have turkey so they aren’t surprised by seeing a big bird on the table! And if you have sides with bacon or other meat in them, write a card and put next to the dish so they know and don’t have to ask.

15 Favorite Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

  • Have a frisbee or football available so people can run outside and play and get their appetites spiked (yard, park, even on a quiet street!) AND get out of the kitchen. Find a local 5K to run in the morning.  Plan time to let the cooks have a walk and get some fresh air! No space or rough weather or air quality, try this indoor workout together.
  • If you don’t have enough plates and silverware, get compostable paper ware and recyclable cutlery and drink holders – light a candle and put some pretty leaves on the table or something that spruces up your table. Perhaps add a table cloth if you have one. Here are some ideas.
  • How about a cultural exchange with someone you work with from another country? Invite them and share your traditions, have them share their own holidays and how they celebrate.
  • Are there others you can think of who are in need of a little love? Invite them to join in!
  • Have a start and end time on your invitation so you can kick back and relax after people leave.

Happy planning!

Love, Aionur

Be the change you want to see in the world

Our camp Runoia community attempts to create change through simple acts of kindness and caring, hoping  to make the world that we live in a better place.  We believe that we can engage campers and staff to be the change that they want to see in our local communities and in the greater world around us.

In our Giving Tuesday blog back in November we shared about a new community service initiative that we were excited to be getting involved with.   We are moving forward with this partnership and continuing our monetary giving into the summer season.

‘World of Change’ is a philanthropic organization with a home base right here in Maine.   It  encourages youth to participate in collections of loose change that can then be used to create ‘change’ in their local communities.  We are excited to be one of the startup camps that are joining the drive and will be collecting change this summer.  We are hopeful that this will create enthusiasm among our campers for continuing this support in upcoming seasons.

The statistics of how much money is just sitting around in our homes, cars, and workplaces is just staggering.

How much loose change do you have lying around?

Camp Runoia families are always incredibly generous and our ‘cans from campers’ food drives have been very successful.  Through support of our local food pantry, we have had the opportunity to be a positive presence in Runoia’s small, home town .  We will continue collecting food on opening days this summer and hope  that gathering change throughout the school year to bring to camp will catch on too.

We know that a lot of people giving a little can really create positive change for those in need.  All of the money that World of Change generates goes directly to the nonprofits working in communities identified as having needs.  The six focus areas ensure that all children get strong foundations to grow on.

Promoting kindness at camp and at home.

We hope that our Camp Runoia campers will engage with the World of Change philosophy and strive to make a difference in their home communities.  Where will you start? How can you be the change in your community? It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking spending an hour picking up trash or helping an elderly neighbor with yard work can be a great place to start.

Together we truly can be the change we want to see in the world.

Thanksgiving- Thankful for Camp Runoia

Thanksgiving gives us so much to be grateful for.  We are sending warm thoughts to all of our Runoia family around the world.  We have so many Camp Runoia related things to celebrate and are grateful that you have been a part of our camp history.

May you spend this Thanksgiving Holiday surrounded by the love of family and friends,

Bobo’s and Wadas to you all,

The Runoia team

A Runoia Thanksgiving limerick

We are thankful all the year through

For a camp family as awesome as you.

We send Holiday cheer

To those far and near

Camp Runoia we are glad to have you!


Thanksgiving from a camper




Nature loving







New England