How to Have a Successful Inclusive Thanksgiving “Runoia-Style”

Here are some ways to have an inclusive Thanksgiving that will not break the bank or your state of well-being. How do we pull off events and meals all day every day at camp? We plan ahead and have a back up plan and delegate responsibilities to others.

Planning and organizing your day and meal will help to reduce stress and create a day where everyone, even you, can have a day that fills your cup. In the spirit of giving and being thankful, you can pull off a celebration that gives you energy. Reaching out to others and sharing a meal and some outdoor time is what this holiday means to Camp Runoia.

Ways to make it inclusive and positive could include:

  • Have an early afternoon meal so local friends can drive home afterwards.
  • Keep the meal simple maybe just 5-7 sides with turkey.
  • Support your local farmers – order a turkey now or get your sides from their farm stands. Squash, greens, onions and other sides are perfect fall harvests.
  • Have other people bring a dish to share. Find some side ideas here and get people to volunteer assignments:
  • Remember your vegetarian friends and have them bring a veggie substitute for turkey.  Invite them and have a plant based option for their main course. Let them know you’ll have turkey so they aren’t surprised by seeing a big bird on the table! And if you have sides with bacon or other meat in them, write a card and put next to the dish so they know and don’t have to ask.

15 Favorite Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

  • Have a frisbee or football available so people can run outside and play and get their appetites spiked (yard, park, even on a quiet street!) AND get out of the kitchen. Find a local 5K to run in the morning.  Plan time to let the cooks have a walk and get some fresh air! No space or rough weather or air quality, try this indoor workout together.
  • If you don’t have enough plates and silverware, get compostable paper ware and recyclable cutlery and drink holders – light a candle and put some pretty leaves on the table or something that spruces up your table. Perhaps add a table cloth if you have one. Here are some ideas.
  • How about a cultural exchange with someone you work with from another country? Invite them and share your traditions, have them share their own holidays and how they celebrate.
  • Are there others you can think of who are in need of a little love? Invite them to join in!
  • Have a start and end time on your invitation so you can kick back and relax after people leave.

Happy planning!

Love, Aionur

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