Update from Camp Harmonyville May 27, 2020

On Tuesday we announced we are opening for a special session this summer “Camp Runoia Harmonyville”, July 18 – August 9. More details on the program can be found on our Camp More Than Ever announcement.

We are sad to miss some of our campers whom for individual family needs, schedules and situations, they are not able to come to camp. We rejoice in the group who can gather by Great Pond this summer to carry the torch of the 114th season.  We made the decision to open with a lot of thought and careful and systematic planning. It will indeed be an “other than” camp session but also a unique and never-to-be-forgotten Runoia season.  Our key leaders in camp are ready to do everything to make Harmonyville a positive experience: our counselors are all being re-interviewed by Alex to be sure they are up for the challenges that lie ahead. Those who are “in” are in 100% for your children.

On Tuesday night we were joined by our volunteer medical doctors, Dr. Susan Lasky and Dr. Susan Weaver for a presentation about COVID-19 and camp.  Please email pam@runoia.com to get the slides. Many parents and staff found their presentation helpful and reassuring. They start by saying, “We can’t tell you what to do and we can’t guarantee camp to be COVID free.” They end by saying, “We are sending our daughters to camp because…” One of the two MDs will be in residence all session as they are each volunteering two weeks of their schedules to live at camp with us.

Time is moving at the speed of light for us. We feel like we are in the midst of a camp summer when the time warp is active.

We have altered some of our initial announcements about camp and we apologize as many families made decisions based on the information we provided at the time. We are doing the best we can with what we have and what we have changes frequently. This week, we feel guidelines are stabilizing and we are able to better plan.

What is different:

  • “Households and neighborhoods”. If you missed the Update from Camp May 20, please be sure to read it thoroughly. It is a transparent layout of Harmonyville.
  • Program will be modified; we will add more activities as we roll out the phases.
  • We cannot take individual requests for cabins or beds
  • Cabin groups will be “households” and households will do everything together for the first phase of camp. Phase two opens up into neighborhoods (think Junior End, Senior End, SVOHCO)
  • Neighborhoods will take shifts in the dining hall,
  • Neighborhoods will have their own socially distant assemblies and campfires.
  • All Camp gatherings will happen outside with social distancing between households.
  • Enrollment and Rates: The enrollment link is here.
  • Harmonyville tuition is $7500. Payment in full is due by June 15. Any payments you made toward your original session will be rolled over to Harmonyville tuition.
  • Refund: We are taking big, albeit calculated, risk to open camp this summer and we realize you are taking a huge, albeit calculated, risk as well. We have CHANGED our refund policy: In case of cancellation before July 1 you may roll over the tuition paid to 2021 or upon request you will be reimbursed the tuition in installment payments, less the non-refundable deposit which, for this year only, is transferable to 2021. If you cancel on or after July 1, you may roll over your tuition to 2021, however the $1000 deposit is non-refundable.

What is the Same:

  • Alex and I are here at camp working with our team and vow to create and run the best summer of camp.
  • Campers will be unplugged and interacting with campers in their household in a very normal way
  • Great Pond is clear and refreshing
  • Our riding program will be in full swing
  • Many familiar faces will be at camp – even if you are new to camp, camp will feel friendly
  • As usual, there will be new campers to greet
  • The improvements around camp done in the fall for 2020 will be valued more than ever: addition to the Health Cabin and refinishing of all the cabin floors through cabins 1 – 7!
  • We will, as usual, have an unforgettable summer in 2020
  • We are already counting the days until 2021!

That sums up our mid-week update from camp for now. Please contact us with any questions.


Pam – For the A-Team

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