Have Questions? Ask the Doctors – Meeting tonight about Harmonyville

Dear Runoia Families,                                                                                     May 26, 2020

We are writing our families both those who have suspended returning to camp this summer and those who are signing up for Camp Runoia Harmonyville to check in from camp.

Our hearts go out to the families who have canceled, and we respect your decision. Each family has unique, individual and personal reasons for suspending. We’ve received many heartfelt messages about your appreciation for the process and your excitement about 2021.  Thank you. We are all looking forward to a sense of normal.

We feel is our responsibility to offer camp for children and give them something to hold onto in these isolating times.  For those of you who have embraced Harmonyville, Let’s Go! We are opening July 18.

We have a meeting tonight with our two Medical Doctors: Dr. Susan Lasky and Dr. Susan Weaver. Alex and I will also be on the Zoom with them and follow up with general camp announcements.

The Zoom will start at 5 pm tonight, Tuesday. We will do a repeat Zoom call at 6 pm. The call will be less than 40 minutes. Our doctors have a presentation to share and then will be available for questions. After 15-20 minutes of medical info, Alex and I will move on to general camp information about “households & neighborhoods”, program, transportation to and from camp and other general questions. The Zoom link is below.

We have not yet finalized a plan for Graduating Seniors who have canceled – so please save those questions for when we announce the SV plan. We will provide a time in the next year for graduating girls to come together and celebrate and share the traditions of graduation.

For families who felt the deadline to decide about camp last weekend was too rushed, you may find the Zoom call tonight helpful in your decision-making process. If you can’t make the call, we can find a time to connect. Please reach out to us.

We hope to see you online tonight.

Sending our love from Great Pond,

Pam and Alex

Need the zoom link? Email pam@runoia.com

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