Why the Camp Time Warp is Akin to Dog Years

Like dog years, some say camp days are  mysteriously measured. So much happens in one day it feels like a week. What occurs in a week equals a month.

After breakfast as I walk through camp to bring in the ski boats for the morning activities, I hear the sound of sweeping brooms on porches, see campers emptying their trash cans and sorting out the laundry on the lines. Cabin cleanup has taken place for 113thsummers at Runoia. The scurry and excitement to prepare for first period after Assembly hangs in the air as I walk back to the Lodge. Runoia gals are busy building lifelong skills every day. Here’s a glimpse of the many things we’ve been up to:

In time warp Runoia fashion, this week in trip news, we accomplished a lot: Junior trips hiked to Fairy Ring and canoed to Oak Island on Great Pond for overnight camping trips. Sixty five campers voyaged to the Maine coast for a day trip to Pemaquid State Park

With just over a week left of our 113thseason our Ocho campers fit in their time window a three day stay in Baxter State Park and summited Katahdin, the highest peak in Maine

Meanwhile, Fifth Shack made their way to Mt. Blue State Park and climbed Tumbledown Mountain – complete with a glacial lake on top. A group of dedicated climbers competed at Camp Caribou (in their 97thseason of camp!) and felt pride in the time they spent on the climbing tower.

With soaring temperatures, time allowed for many dips in the lake, lots of waterfront activities and, drum roll, please, Sunday Fun Day RODEO! With lots of action of teams competing in silly events and country fair treats including cotton candy and ice pops.
The afternoon was filled with arcade games, batting cage and bouncy house fun. Even a goat walking experienced happened for a few lucky campers.

Evening programs including our very capable group of campers performing acts for the annual camp Talent Show, a crazy camp counselor dress up competition, a Cowgirl Campfire, a scavenger hunt with an all camp swim included, and Log Skits of 9 decades of Camp Runoia lore.

Time has flown this week and our Harmony Land Camp, a 12 day “rookie” program for 7 & 8 year olds (and two 6 year olds), came to a close. Our hearts sank to say goodbye to them but we are already counting the days till next summer when they return.

Did we mention Team Captains were voted in this week? Yes, they were! Nominees gave their speeches in the Lodge to their teams and the captains were announced the next day before people left for the week. The Blue v. White tradition has been part of Runoia since 1923!

One of the unusual things about a camp summer is the way time moves. At first so slowly and then it seems impossible that we have arrived at the final week. Like a flash in the sky it will be over… until next summer!


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