Transferable Skills – Why Camp Matters

“It is at camp I found a purpose. It is at camp I felt I belonged. It is at camp I had a passion for learning.” – shared thoughts from an anonymous campers’ campfire talk

As we have learned from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in A Theory of Human Motivation once basic needs are met, people can develop a higher level of functioning. The self-actualization that is allowed at camp after basic needs are met can be astounding. Leadership opportunities abound, recognition for accomplishment, motivation to set higher goals in activities and leadership roles all continue to develop and grow as campers grow with our camp.


The skills gained at camp, ultimately are transferable to other aspects of life including school, work, career, family, exploration, continual learning and more. It’s the perseverance, the patience, the process, the people and the collaboration that adds to the 21stcentury skills. It’s the trying and failing and trying again until you get it or get better that correlates with Dweck’s Growth Mindset.

Campers who experience a spectrum of activities and start to gain skills in a few focused ones (sailing, riding, archery, tennis, art, swimming and also social skills, peer recognition) have the opportunity to continue growth, development, gain recognition, set goals, meet and exceed goals through the hands on experience at camp, the coaching and encouragement and the adults who will help you realize your potential. Campers help other campers gain skills and realize their potential motivates some campers as well – being the teacher to a younger camper can be inspirational. The process itself is inspirational.

Knowing not everything comes easily but try and try again with the support and encouragement of others will build skills campers will carry with them for a lifetime. And, camp is fun in
the process. Yes! Some campers miss home and experience homesick feelings.  Discover how time away from home and from parents can help a child to grow to allay your worries with Michael Thompson’s book Homesick and Happy

What a better way to build your child’s growth experience.  Check out summer at Camp Runoia and give your daughter the gift that keeps on giving – for a lifetime.

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