Why choose sleep-away camp at Runoia?

Returning Runoia parents already know about a million reasons why they send their darling daughter off to sleep-away camp at Camp Runoia in Maine for a few weeks each summer.  They are happy to share with us stories of the growth their daughter makes while on Great Pond, the life skills she has developed and how Runoia has helped her to become a strong and fearless young woman ready to head off to boarding school or College.


We also speak everyday with parents who are not quite sure why they would pay to be away from their child. Or why sending her far from home away from all of the creature comforts and technology that she is used to would have any value at all.  The overnight camp experience can be a tough sell especially to the many parents who themselves have never had the experience.

We know that there are parents who lurk out there wondering and pondering if a Runoia summer is right for their daughter.  We make it easy to get information and are always happy to chat about camp in a general context not just as a sales pitch for Runoia.  Finding the right place for all kids to grow and be successful is our goal.


If you are out there in cyber space wondering if Camp Runoia is the right sleep-away camp experience for your daughter drop us a line.  There are also lots of great articles that support the benefits of  a residential summer camp and we are happy to share our thoughts and discuss your concerns.  We love talking about Runoia so share us with your friends and family so that more girls may experience the wonder of a life changing summer building life skills on the shores of Great Pond.

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Hope to see you on Great Pond


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