Organize Don’t Agonize! KonMari and Packing for Camp

Have you been on the Marie Kondo trend of KonMari? Do you find that you are organizing your own world to spark joy in your life? Start the summer camp packing off right and begin to organize now!

What we know is getting your child involved in the process of preparing for Camp Runoia is a great way to have them engaged and thinking positively – probably excitedly – about camp. Find our official packing list  and outfitter Lands’ End and organize now for a successful packing experience later this spring.

Figure out your budget and then give your “camper” options. For instance:

Trunk or a duffel or both?

There’s room for small trunks like ones you can order here  Trunks easily organize your campers’ belonging throughout the summer with a built in tray for smaller items on top. Trunks also are fun to decorate with stickers – a great way to involve your camper.

Alternatively, or in addition, LL Bean has sturdy duffels making packing a breeze and organize items for camp now.

Leggings or Jeans? Tanks or Tees?

Both leggings and jeans are useful at camp for the late afternoon/evening when the mosquito comes out. See our complete packing list on your forms dashboard and order your insect repellent here.  The biggest tip is Maine weather requires layers to be comfy. Cool mornings, hot afternoons and warm evenings are typical at Runoia. Don’t forget a rain jacket and Wellies!

A $5-10 shower caddy will help her organize her shower supplies when she heads to the “Soapies”. You can find it at the magic store or stores like Target

Water bottle – Two water bottles are a must for camp.

Don’t forget to pull out your Sharpie to label everything or order cool and fun labels from Mabel’s Labels

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions or discover some of your own tips along the way 🙂

Happy Packing!

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