Fine Maine Days at Camp Runoia

It is pouring with rain today in Maine.  The kind of drenching, nonstop rain that comes from a dense, grey cloud that lingers low to the ground.  The day is dark and you need the lights on inside and a rain jacket and umbrella if you venture outside.   It is the first significant rain we have had all month and is a big change from the mild and sunny weather we have become accustomed to.

Wet foliage is still beautiful.

Today’s rain and the significant precipitation that we will get over the next couple of days is however being welcomed.  It brings relief to the dry ground, reduces the fire danger and fills up the water table a little before the hard freeze of winter comes.  We have missed the rain and can tolerate it intruding into our crisp fall days as we relish the benefits that it will bring.

For many years now assembly at Runoia has often included the phrase ‘It’s a Fine Maine Day’ it has become a tradition and a tag line of sorts that we have come to expect.  Some days it may have an addendum that reflects the current climatic conditions, ‘the liquid sunshine will be sure to keep our fields and forests green’ or maybe ‘it’s tropical out make sure you have your water bottles.’  Whatever the weather at camp we make the best of it and we embrace it for what it is.  We can control many components of our days and schedules but the weather is not one of them.  Putting a positive spin on the things we cannot change helps us to develop resiliency, flexibility and confidence that we are in charge of our own mood.  We can choose to waste our day grumbling and complaining or get on with having a blast and enjoying every minute of our time at camp.

There are always positives to be found in the variable Maine summer weather.  A rainy morning may result in a ‘sleep in’ with a later bell and the opportunity for a little extra time to snooze.  Rain may come as a relief from a stretch of baking sunny days that can be exhausting.  A fire in the Lodge is cozy and an opportunity to not have to rush and take time to enjoy reading the logs or a good book.  Rainy day program is often a fun, entertaining and creative switch up from our regular scheduling.

Whatever the weather in your location we hope that you can make it an ‘FMD’, make the most of the opportunities that the day presents and imagine the noise of the rain on the metals roofs at camp.

Maine – the way life should be whatever the weather!
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