Spring flies

Black Flies!

Spring in Maine is much revered, how we long for the warmer days where the snow melts and you actually have grass again.  It is always somewhat of a surprise as the world has been predominantly white since November so the bright spring green hurts your eyes at first and the colors of the first flowers are vibrant against the brown.  It takes a while for the trees to wake up and there are not usually leaves until the middle of May so it really is a practice in patience.

You never quite know when to pack away the boots, snow pants and mittens as an early April snow storm can catch you off guard and send you scurrying back for an extra sweater or a wooly hat.  Then just when you are out enjoying the warmth, sunshine and fresh air they descend.  You are suddenly surrounded by swarms of tiny, annoying, biting, buzzing insects the Maine black fly!  They seem to be a species all of their own only found in the Maine woods with perhaps the Scottish midge as their only living relative!  You tolerate them in your desperation to be in the great outdoors, sweeping the driveway, tidying the yard and riding bikes hold too much appeal to be overly bothered by a fly.

Appropriate attire is essential!black flies

Luckily they are gone before June when our staff and campers arrive to camp to be replaced by the less annoying mosquito’s.

I love this recipe for a simple make your own bug repellent I’m going to see if it works on those pesky Maine black flies!


We love Spring in Maine black flies and all!


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