Camp Runoia – beautiful in the changing season

The view from loon point

We love the changing seasons in Maine and the fall is filled with ‘fine Maine days’ that may start out a little chilly but are typically warm and bright.  While it is quiet around camp and the end of season clean-up is coming to an end there is still plenty of rustling in the leaves as the wildlife takes over.  Runoia has an abundant supply of oak tress which keep the chipmunks and squirrels scurrying around gathering acorns for the long winter season.  Leaves gently fall from the trees and shack porches that are no longer being swept on a regular basis catch the brilliant colors.  It looks a little messy around the place as the paths and lawns become buried under the falling leaves and there are no feet treading routes through them.  The bell is quiet.

We often lament about the fact that these gorgeous fall days would be perfect for camp.  Can you imagine going apple picking and taking a hay ride for trip day and carving pumpkins with your shack? Glenn has certainly raked up plenty of leaves for jumping into which would be great fun.  As it is now going dark long before E.P. is over, star gazing would make for a great activity.  We would certainly have to bundle up to make it through the chilly evenings and the fire in the Lodge would surely be kept burning.  As Halloween approaches there are a myriad of potential costume choices just waiting to be discovered in the drama clothes.  The lake is a bit chilly for a swim but perfect for canoeing and kayaking with the foliage reflecting beautifully on the calm, clear water of Great Pond.  Oh what fun we could have with our camp friends if summer camp lasted into October.

We hope that whatever your family fall traditions are and whatever the climate is where you live that you are getting outside and having a great time enjoying all the beauty of the season.  If you are looking for ideas of fun things to do check out our Fall Favorites Pinterest board!


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