Wedding Bells Ringing at Runoia

It’s not just White Coral Bells “upon a slender stalk, lilies of the valley deck my garden walk…” ringing and singing at Camp Runoia these days!

Choosing to have your wedding at camp takes a certain kind of kinship and a unifying soulfulness between two people. Camp is an extraordinary place to get married with sweeping views of the lake, sunsets, the fields and woods, the piney paths and glorious ferns. It also rustic and country feeling, it’s down to earth and honestly, it can be downright chilly in the early weeks of the summer or later in the season.

However, for some people, camp as a wedding venue could not be more perfect. The sounds of the screen doors slamming as people merrily go from building to event, the call of the loon, the way the music of the reception band hangs in the air like it is floating. The smell of the sweet ferns, the vivid colors, the heron who flies by as you’re taking your vows, lakeside on the beach.

Runoia has had a handful of weddings over the years and hopes more people will take advantage of the beauty, the rustic feeling, the depth of history and the fun of camp. You can enjoy a barbeque and a s’more or have a farm-to-table 5 course meal. You can make it as country or as sophisticated as you’d like as we have the best wedding planner and an array of caterers to fit your wants and needs. Spread the word! Weddings at camp can be just as magical as the camp experience Runoia has provided for campers for 111 summers!

“… oh don’t you wish that you could hear them ring?  That will happen only when the fairies sing.”

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