Spring has sprung

This weekend the first in April is a busy one.  For some it is the beginning of Passover for others a celebration of Easter for almost all it is a time to get together with family, shake off winter and greet the new season.  April is a time of hope and the promise of better weather, new life growing from the once frozen ground and an end in sight to the school year it brings a promise that summer is just around the corner.

100_0672In the camp calendar April is the beginning of our busy season a time of planning and of preparation.  We are nose to the ground getting everything ready for our staff and campers arrival in June.  Most of the hiring is done, beds are filled (don’t worry for those still considering camp we have a few spots open) and staff training planned.  We are filling in the summer schedule with camping reservations, adventurous day trips, competitions at other camps and a myriad of other fun events.

Our families and staff are also preparing so we field a lot of questions about paperwork, what to pack and the other little details that bring it all together.  We love sharing the excitement of those that will be coming to join us for the summer and are always happy to talk through concerns or trouble shoot challenges.

April gets us fired up, filled with excitement and raring to go, we are impatient for time to go by quickly, the last of the snow to melt and the ice to be off the lake.   We throw an a Runoia T-shirt even though it is still only 40 degrees out and celebrate that Spring is here and summer will soon follow.  We are excited!

al and Barb

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