Starting over – Runoia 2019 are you ready?

September has arrived with shorter days, cooler evenings and an opportunity for a moment to breath and reflect on the past summer season.  2018 was fantastic.  We had so ‘many fine Maine days’ that we were honestly wishing for a little more rain! Camp was full of happy campers and our staff group had an impressive skill set that they shared with enthusiasm.  Even though at camp we fit so much into a day the time flew by way too fast.  We can’t believe that it is time to start over and that our 2019 season is already open for business.

The cycle of camp is an interesting one as there is little down time as we are constantly moving towards the next season.  It is hard to believe that we are now open for early enrollment for our returning campers.  We are hopeful that most will be back and some are already clamoring for the limited full season spaces.  New families are waiting to see if there may be a space for their daughter while others are getting in touch and just beginning to think about plans for next summer.

We are ready to help people make decisions about if Runoia is the right fit for their family.  We are making room for younger sisters and cousins and figuring out how we can continue to make a Runoia summer a crucial part of a girls development.

There is excitement as new enrollments pop into our inboxes, we miss everyone and are already counting down the days until we can all be back together on the shores of Great Pond.  We are really ready to start over and move into 2019 while reminiscing and holding on to the memories and great times from 2018.

Sending positive thoughts for a great back to school and we hope to see you all back on Great Pond next summer.

Camp Runoia 2019 bring it on!
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