You can’t change the weather at Camp Runoia

It’s been over 90 degrees in Maine for the past few days and the same people who a couple of months ago were complaining about the cold are now saying it’s ‘too hot’! One thing we can’t control is the weather but we can chose our clothing carefully and plan activities that best suit it.  Today was perfect for a dip in the lake and yes we did have a really great ski season this past winter.

Making the best of any give situation and figuring out solutions to the problems it may expose us to is a real life skill.  We value challenges at Camp Runoia as they help us to learn and grow.   While camp is certainly utopian it isn’t perfect and we wouldn’t want it to be.  Being away from home and being allowed to make choices and decisions and having to deal with everyday events is as much a part of the camp experience as s’mores around the campfire.

Campers quickly learn how to navigate the schedule, make the most of the opportunities at any given time and speak up if their needs are not being met.  Allowing girls to occasionally be dissatisfied, to not always get their first choice and to only have one serving of desert build coping and resiliencey skills.

Runoia campers love a challenge.

Running through puddles barefoot on a rainy day, watching the power of a storm speed across the lake from the safety of the boathouse or getting a quick dip before bed on a steamy night are all experiences that add to the camp magic.  Scheduled days are filled with organized activities and also free time for spontaneous fun.

We can manage many things at camp but we can’t manage the weather or slow down time.  We make the most out of every minute, maximize our opportunities and enjoy the time with our friends.

Our morning pledge at assembly.

For those parents who just cant resist knowing what’s going on at camp with the weather, rest assured, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve for making everyday a ‘fine Maine day.’

Sleep-away camp provides a myriad of opportunities for growth whatever the weather.

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