The Camp Runoia Kickball Field in Maine

It’s a sad sight seeing the empty “Kickball Field” at Camp Runoia, Belgrade Lakes, Maine. This grassy area outside the dining hall is the center of camp in many ways. Although desolate (but nice looking grass I might add) this time of year, it’s a bustling town center in the summer.

The Runoia Kickball Field is where Pet Shows, Name that Tune and Miss Tacky Runoia take place.

It’s where outdoor summer meals including lunch picnics and evening suppers and even Camp Runoia’s Sunday morning sleepy pajama breakfast are served.  Of course we can’t forget the infamous saying “dessert will not be served until the kickball field is clean!” which is shouted with glee by all at the end of a Maine camp supper.

On closing days it’s the central stop for parents, families and campers reunite. A place where on quiet nights a random porcupine might be spied.

And yes, we play kickball games on the Kickball Field! We can’t wait until the Kickball Field is full of faces and fun at camp in 2014!

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