Camp Runoia, being a girls’ camp, is so much about connections. Girls from all over NE, the US and the world come together and find so many things in common!
Yesterday was our opening day of camp in 2013. Imagine our surprise when a dad of a new camper met another dad of a camper and recognized that one dad was the other dad’s camp counselor from his camper days at their camp!!!

The day before yesterday a dear childhood friend of mine emailed me a picture of her tour of Harlem she had just taken. In the picture, she was standing with a Runoia camper and the camper’s mom in front of the Apollo. In the process of taking the tour, they began chatting and made the Runoia Connection!

We joke about 6 degrees of separation from Camp Runoia. It seems no matter where we go, there is some Runoia connection!

Enjoy the start of summer, we are busy finding out what we have in common with each other here at camp on our second day of Runoia’s 107th camp summer!


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