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As a camp in Maine, we feel the change of seasons pretty much on the date the season changes. The fall is upon us at camp and we are missing your children and our campers at sleepaway camp here at Runoia. We know you are busy, busy with school, homework, after school commitments, sports, travel teams, social events, fund raising events, school governance and, um, WORK!

Here are a couple of resources we found that might help you out:

Feeling like you want to inspire your daughter? Consider a call to action:

Hardy Girls Healthy Women have a bunch of links to awesome social action sites with ideas about perception of girls in the media and girls making their voices heard, how to be a stand up girl and help others and much, much more:

Consider bringing Dunk Your Kicks – fighting pediatric cancer –  to your community. They came to summer camp at Runoia this summer (and we rocked it):

Is your daughter growing and wondering what’s going on? Cozy up on the couch, share this great site with her and let her know you want to help her understand her changing body:

Is your daughter wondering (are you wondering) how she can be helpful? Set up a lunch station in your fridge or pantry – great ideas here:

Are you struggling with your daughter every day? Do you fight and come head when getting ready for school, carrying out tasks, making social commitments? Check out our friend and peer in education and camp, Ross Greene and his collaborative problem solving ideas:

Do you have suggestions for resources for other camp parents about simple struggles like: what she can wear, how much time online she can spend, her data usage bill? Let us know your thoughts through comments here or email us – we’d love to hear your ideas.

Happy school days. It’s awful quiet at camp and we miss you.

We hope this helps you get connected and solves some problems. We miss you too much and can’t wait to see you in 2014! We’ll be posting every month now – so be on the look out for our blog!

The Runoia Team

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