New camp experience

CISV – Maine mini camp

This past weekend I took my daughter and her friend on a new adventure.  We joined a mini camp weekend in the beautiful Acadia National Park with an organization called CISV.  Up until a few weeks ago I had never heard of them but found out about their programs while interviewing a prospective counselor.

img_1566“CISV is a charitable, independent, non-political, volunteer organization promoting peace education and cross-cultural friendship.”  Their mission of promoting peace through international friendship really spoke to me so off we went to their Maine mini camp.

It is always interesting to join a group of people many of whom already have established relationships and I really didn’t have much sense of what I was getting us into.  I had also volunteered to act as a chaperone without reading the fine print!

The topics were lofty but presented in a camp kind of way through fun activities.  It was amazing to have engaging conversations with children and young people who were passionate about making a difference in the world.  They spoke eloquently about global warming, resource misuse by developed countries and destruction of the earth the only planet that we can currently live on.  Many of the kids were heading overseas this summer or to camps in the US that will welcome international campers.  They were eager to explore the world and make friends with people who are not like them at all.


It was a great reminder to me of how children see the world much differently than adults.   Their simplistic view was that if you take action as an individual it will create change.  The small steps that we take to make change in our own communities can truly make a difference.  At Camp Runoia we welcome campers and staff from many different places and celebrate the differences that we have.  We also aim to promote resource management and treading lightly on the earth.  Spending time with like-minded people who recognize and appreciate that we are all a part of the global community was inspiring and energizing.

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