Summer Camp, Emotional Intelligence and Prep for Life

Summer Camp provides Social and Emotional Intelligence
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I’m fascinated how I learn from old ideas revisited or from re-reading concepts I’ve thought about before. Maybe my grandfather (Roland H. Cobb of Cobb Summer Camps) summed it up with his dry humor, “I like reading the same books over again; I never remember how they end.”.

Today’s tweet from SCOPE was Morris Cohen’s article: The Social and Emotional Long-Term Benefits of Summer Camp. He wrote it for the Mental Health column of Cohen’s article was one of those re-reads for me. Even though I know and remember the ending, I loved reading about it along the way; the part about Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence and how summer camp helps campers build skills in Social Intelligence. Here’s a snipet – I quote Morris Cohen’s article:

Another Opportunity to Develop Social Intelligence

According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, who coined the term, social intelligence is broken into two parts:

Social awareness is the ability to monitor our inner world — our thoughts and feelings. Social awareness refers to qualities including empathy, attunement to others and social cognition.

Social facility, on the other hand, refers to how we use our internal social awareness to interact with individuals and groups successfully, such as self-presentation, influence and concern for others.

Camp is a key opportunity for kids to develop both sides of their social intelligence by offering them a way to practice becoming adept at socializing by offering them access to many new people and environments.

The more children can practice their social intelligence, the more smoothly they can incorporate the skills for the rest of their lives.

Summer Camp provides time and space for campers to process, engage and facilitate their own discussions.
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Thanks Morris Cohen for sharing this article with readers at We are sharing with our readers because we at Camp Runoia agree wholeheartedly! This upcoming summer will be another platform for our 220 girls to stretch and grow and add to their life skills. Camp Runoia – Building Lifelong Skills!