Got snow?

If you live in Maine or really anywhere in the north east you have to develop your relationship with the weather, particularly with snow.  The cold is manageable; you can wrap up in layers, crank up the heat and stay indoors pretending you are living in the Caribbean.  Snow is a whole other ball game (speaking of which there is a big game this weekend that we assume 90% of our camp community will be watching!).  You think that you are ready for it get your snow tires on, pack a blanket and shovel in the car and clear your decks of anything likely to get buried but then it still catches you by surprise.

As we dig out from this 2 foot monster blizzard I am reminded of a couple of things:

The terrifying sound of plows waking you from your slumbers in the middle of the night actually means there is some hope you can get out of your driveway in the morning! Awful driving conditions result in bonus days off school and work to have fun family time.  Shoveling is an endless task, children may appear to be good shovelers but are easily distracted by large piles of snow to be jumped in.  Chickens hate snow!


Once the shoveling is done and multiple hot cocoa’s drunk there is time to enjoy the quiet beauty, a ski or snowshoe across the field checking out animal prints or time to reflect by the fire with a good book.

Life in Maine – it’s a good one!

100_0516_00Snow limerick

A blizzard in Maine is so fun!

It piles up fast by the ton.

With drifts up the door,

Your back will be sore

By the time all the shoveling is done!