Yesterday the Director  team was lucky enough to spend the afternoon networking at Migis Lodge on the shores of Sebago Lake in Raymond with a hundred or so other camp directors.  We embraced the late summer sunshine while enjoying our end of the season Maine Summer Camps organization meeting, lunch and fellowship.


It is always great to hang out with other directors to hear about their summer adventures, trials and successes.  The conversation themes are often common ones: how awesome 4th of July was, homesick campers, how well new site or equipment worked and either reveling or bemoaning the weather!  Although the style and affiliations of our camps vary greatly we all share a true passion for engaging children and youth in the camp experience.

10540998_10204840069381858_6361567739214661736_oIt is empowering to spend time with like-minded camp professionals, to get validation for the work that we do and to share our challenges and successes amongst others who truly understand .  We learn from each other,  are always willing to share our knowledge and ideas and work for the common purpose of getting more children to have access to a summer camp experience.

1379585_10152711276289509_6205014475655900113_nWe hope that as you are networking on the soccer sidelines, at  PTO meetings, in the office, at the gym and everywhere else you travel in your daily lives that you will speak to others about the intrinsic value camp has had for your daughter.

As open enrollment begins October 1st a plug for Runoia is always appreciated too!