Meet The 2014 Director Team!

Introducing the Runoia Administrative Team to our Staff

At Runoia we work as a team. We connect daily about campers and families and staff. We like lots of reminders as we have a lot of people to keep track of in our jobs.  We like to receive your questions. Contact any of the Director/Admin team and let us know what’s on your mind. If the person you emailed doesn’t know the answer, they will help you find the solution!

You’ll find a lot of other helpful leaders in your activity area when you get to camp.  Meanwhile, feel free to email any of us with your questions and/or any concerns or if you’d like to share ideas with us or just say “hi”!

Alex Jackson

AJPrimary responsibility during the summer:

Director of All Programs and Schedules (including your schedule!) Transportation to and from Camp and Staff and Camper Programs

Email: Fun Fact: I really like frogs and collected them growing up and now I own a Costa Rican black and green tree frog!

Abby Burbank

AB Primary responsibility during the summer: Abby joins us this summer as a Summer Resident Director.

She joins our team to help run camp this summer and will focus on Junior End staff guidance and supporting our health care team and program director. Her years of camp experience and serendipity-like timing to join us this summer makes for a great opportunity for Runoia and its families.

Email: Fun Fact: I have been to all 50 states.

Jai Kells


 Primary responsibility during the summer: Jai lives at camp in the summer and has the pleasure of being the Senior End Coach and Support for Cabin Counselors and this summer she will add: Director to the Runoia Kitchen

Email: Fun Fact(s): I have been known to eat an entire watermelon in one sitting!

Gines Satchi

GSPrimary responsibility during the summer:  Gines is the summer Director of Program – supporting key leaders to run safe and engaging activities. He is the Director of the Runoia Waterfront ensuring safety and fun on and in the water this summer. Email: Fun Fact: I have jumped out of a plane 76 times!

Pam Cobb

 PCH Primary responsibility during the summer: Supporting and guiding this amazing team of Runoia Directors. Business management of camp and strategic planning for camp. Come have a K-cup coffee or tea in my office this summer! Email: Fun Fact: I am the fourth generation in my family to own and operate a camp in Maine.