Mindy Martone-Jackson

Mindy is Assistant Director and Head of Harmony Land Camp, our program for younger campers at Camp Runoia! With 5 incredible summers under her belt and a deep connection to Runoia, she’s here to make your child’s camp experience unforgettable.

Camp is more than just a job for Mindy. It’s a passion deeply rooted in her personal life and values. As a devoted mom of five, all of whom have experienced the magic of camp, including her youngest who thrived at HLC and is now a full-summer camper at Runoia, she understands the unique needs of both campers and parents.

Mindy is no stranger to life at camp. Starting as a cabin counselor when she was a college student, she fell in love with Camp Runoia’s mission and community before pursuing her professional degree in law. She returned as a full-fledged adult when her daughter was old enough to attend, and is thrilled to be back on Great Pond at the camp she loves.

Mindy excels in building strong relationships with parents and families, ensuring open lines of communication throughout the summer. Her vision for Harmony Land Camp reflects her dedication to creating a nurturing, inclusive, and fun camp-within-a-camp experience. She believes in fostering each camper’s unique talents and interests, helping them grow and flourish, and giving them a safe and warm introduction to the Runoia community. She also provides support and guidance for our summer HLC staff.

Mindy resides outside of DC with her partner, children, and a menagerie of pets and farm animals. She thrives on adventure, enjoying rock climbing, scuba diving, and exploring new places. She also loves fabric arts, reading books, and visiting any good farmers market.

With Mindy at the helm, Harmony Land Camp is a extraordinary and unique place for our youngest campers to make friends and unforgettable memories. Join us for an extraordinary summer adventure!

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