Pam Cobb

After nearly 40 years of working to carry forward and nurture Camp Runoia’s legacy, Pam became Director Emerita in the fall of 2022. Pam continues her work with the mission-driven Camp Runoia Alumnae Organization (CRAO), championing Camperships and the Diversity Advisory Committee. She also will stay connected to the Maine camp community, including as a board member of the Maine Youth Camping Association and as a member of Maine Summer Camps, Maine Camp Experience, and a member of a long-standing camp director’s round table group. She has been appointed to the Maine Governor’s Task Force on Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species and will serve with Maine EPA’s biologists and other interest group representatives.  Pam and Mark relish being the camp grandparents to not only their own camper grandchildren but all campers in camp during the summer! With director Alex Jackson and the Runoia leaders supporting the day to day operations, Pam and Mark can enjoy the camp summer helping with sailing and waterskiing and other activities around camp.

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