All About Arts Activities – the Classics: a guest blog

One of the beautiful things about Runoia is that we value the differences and interests of all of our campers and offer something for everyone. Whether you choose to focus on riding, sailing, target sports, JMG, or the arts – Runoia is the place for you. And on top of it all, we have some incredibly dedicated, skilled staff members who help our campers explore new activities and build skills. 8-summer staff member Ruby has joined us on the blog this week to tell us all about arts activities at Runoia!

Hey y’all! My name is Ruby, and I’m the Head of the Creative Arts department here at Runoia. This will be my 8th summer coming up, and when I’m not at camp I’m living in the great state of Oregon! I’m stepping in today to talk about our awesome art activities we have at camp.

From our bustling waterfront, to the awe-inspiring equestrian program, there’s so much to choose from! If those don’t excite you, we’ve got target and field sports programs that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Not to mention trips, ropes, farm and garden too. There’s so many programs to choose from! The variety at Camp Runoia is part of what makes a summer here worthwhile, and there’s no better place to see all those differences shine than in the arts program. From graphic arts to visual arts, performing arts to decorative arts, we have an abundance of choices across the creative spectrum for campers to try. On average, one out of four of our campers are in an art program during any class period.

So to those of you who are art inclined, might be trying a new art for the first time this year, or happen to find yourself in one of our many art classes, welcome! Below you’ll find a quick  description of these awesome arts, and recommendations of arts to try!

Arts and Crafts – What a wild card! Each time you come to Arts and Crafts you’ll have a different activity to create. Polymer clay? Print-making? Giant friendship bracelets? Who knows! You could sign up for Arts and Crafts every time it’s available and do something different each time! If you love scrolling on social media to see what random crafts the internet is cooking up (guilty!) you’ll love AC!

Batik – An unusual activity where the artist first creates a design on fabric, and then wax is layered onto the design which helps keep the different water based colors from mixing. Batik reminds me of stained glass, where these strong wax lines contain beautiful colors. If you love painting or find coloring books relaxing this will absolutely be your new favorite activity.

Dance – It’s hard to resist dancing when your favorite song comes on! What about a whole choreographed dance number? Learn some fresh moves, or even teach others some moves you know! Dance is great for all types of skill levels, so don’t count yourself out before you try it!

Yoga – Camp can be stressful! From trying new things and always on the move vibes, it can be hard to catch your breath! Carve out a piece of you-time with yoga. Learn some great stretches, stress relief tips, and how to practice mindfulness. If you’ve never tried it, camp is a great place to get a taste of this body and mind centered practice.

Woodburning – Do you enjoy doodling within the margins of your homework or notes? Taking an existing project and elevating it? Woodburning is just that! Taking a small piece of raw edge wood or trinket box and personalizing the piece in some way. A blueberry bush? A wolf running into the distance? Add both if you have room!

Pottery – There’s nothing more satisfying than starting with a slab of clay and working it into a mug, pinch pot, or even wind chime! What about a tiny woodland scene, or mini Kirby?  Ceramics is one of the oldest art forms out there, and something everyone should have the chance to try! If you like polymer clay or the idea of 3D printing, watch your ideas and hands come together to create!

There are so many art classes at Runoia, I can’t fit them all into one blog! I hope you can join  me next week for six more activities! These ones promise to be a little more unconventional!

See you soon!
Ruby (she/her)

Thanks Ruby, for taking the time to tell us all about arts activities at Runoia – and she’s only just started! We’re excited to check back next week to learn more about the unique offerings at Runoia!

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