Maine Orchids



Spring Mystery

One of my first springs in the US I was hanging out with Marsha Cobb at Treetops at Camp Runoia exploring her garden and reveling in how the recently frozen ground was now putting forth many new blooms.  Tucked away under some trees she showed me some wild trillium.  Not only was it beautiful but also mysterious.  It is an elusive and endangered plant that never really grows in the same spot twice.  They are technically perennial herbs growing from rhizomes so tend to travel secretly under the soil.  I looked for it again the following year only to be disappointed as I was unable to find it.

A couple of years ago by my house I came across some in the woods and dared to transplant a piece (don’t do this at home it is illegal in some states!).  The mystery reappeared in my flower bed much to my delight!


Now if only Lady Slippers were not so illusive! I will be waiting for Pam to let me know they have arrived at Camp Runoia in Maine so that I can make my annual visit to see their spring beauty!

photograph of a pink lady's-slipper

The mysteries of a Maine spring lead into the majesty of summer!  We are counting the days.



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