The Most Amazing Part of Runoia – by Jai

When I was five years old I went to Camp Runoia for a week to try it out, and ended up staying for seven weeks.  My Grandmother was Betty Cobb, but she made sure not to coddle me through my experience.  She allowed me to make my own friends and memories.  For eleven summers I went to Runoia as a camper.  It became my second home, the place where I found myself, gained confidence, learned life long skills, discovered independence, made some of my best friends, and still have my fondest memories.

Fast forward to 2012, when I began working at Runoia with my mom with my two children in tow.  It wasn’t until that summer that I realized how magical this place really is, as I watched my two girls start to experience some of the same things I did when I was five.  These girls love Runoia.

Kids on the Rock

When we were recently up for Memorial Day weekend, their excitement was evident to everyone around us.  My five year old screeched all the way down Point Road.  They jumped out of the car and didn’t know where to go first: the barn, the waterfront, the tree house… and camp wasn’t even in session yet.  To watch them have the most beautiful place to explore, and gain that same self confidence I did, is a dream come true. They are going to learn to canoe, rock climb, start a camp fire, and learn songs that campers sang 100 years ago, while making life long friends and memories. My girls are going to grow up with a sense of self worth and strength.  To me, that is the most amazing part of Runoia.

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