Fine Maine Days at Camp Runoia

An unusual Runoia tradition is the ‘Name Story.’ It has been included in the Log for as many years as we can remember.  Although we are not sure of it’s origins and it perhaps comes from a time when campers stayed all summer long it is a fun and sometimes entertaining wrap up of the season.  Written to include all of the last names (italics and underlined) of everyone; staff and campers who stayed all season it is a reflection on the summer often with a touch of humor.  You have to read it creatively as it makes much more sense when read aloud tonight at Log Night.

The Name Story 2017 – Fine Maine days

It Surrette been a fine summer of warm weather and fun on Great Pond.  There had been no need to wear a Parker or Hobbsnail boots and campers had Reavilly had a great time.

Even before Flagg raising Blake and Kirk from the kitchen and some Moremen were out fishing in the cove.  Jackson and Giles were too busy with Daza Cocking to be out on the lake.  The Dishners were piling up, the Cobb salad needed making and the Bolduc-Jackson caught needed roasting.  Leonard couldn’t wait until he was a Friedman so that he too could get out on the lake.  He had been Mullen over plans for the day and once the Hamby sliced he was Kiehn to get outdoors.

Owings to the fabulous weather on Saturley the mountain bike class Dresdowed in their helmets was out riding the trails with Frank and Giles when they heard a Krakoff in the woods.  While they Cranneled their necks to see what made the noise they Nealy hit a moose! It’s Brown color was hard to see through the trees.  It’s Long legs were not so Graceful as it Hren away from them.  The campers hurried back to camp and when the Kells Yang they couldn’t wait to Shea the story of their adventure.

Amazingly the health shack had been McNeilly empty all summer with just the occasional Hacking cough, Devciching her spots and a few mysterious Germaine’s.  The nurse had some strong Mintz which along with some Clorox wipes were sure to keep everyone healthy. Schmaltzing Matilda had been a great incentive to keep the cabins clean!

Thomson Davis had been working hard all summer helping Glenn with maintenance.  The old Radford had been giving them some trouble, could have been the old Cooper pipes in the engine that maybe needed a good McClearning out.  They found some cleaning supplies that had been used for the old Smith and Wesson guns and Carthyly used the Reaville- O’Toole to get it running again.

The CIT’s were off doing community service at St Peter’s church in the village clearing out the old church yard.  They had Brzozowskied the Marone Cushman and had Parkinsoned it on a Shortlidge so that they could Parry the old broken statue of saint Santos–Pearcy off to be repaired.  They Ingramed a few photos showing the Heubergers and Clancy desert that they were served for lunch.

Summer was Nagley over and the the martial arts class were practicing for a Kouyate in the Den for a final presentation.  They know Quinnones how to throw some great moves.  Dembowski yelled the instructor and the campers all Adritaly moved into the next sequence.

It had been another amazing summer of sleepaway camp at Camp Runoia, we can’t wait for next year!

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