Crumbs on the carpet – a lesson in flexibility

At my house you leave your shoes in the mud room when you come in and there is never, ever food upstairs! It was the way it was in my childhood home and the way my kids have always known it to be. Until now! While we are still managing to leave the muddy, spring boots in the mudroom there are now crumbs on my upstairs carpets.

As bedrooms have become classrooms, office space, choir rehearsal rooms, places to ‘hang out’ with friends or a place to gain a tiny piece of solitude, so the snacks have migrated upstairs. The myriad of other uses the upstairs now has means that food has apparently gone where the people are. Online school includes BYO homeroom lunch, snack times and the apparent constant need to have endless beverages all day long.  There are now crumbs, wrappers and tea cups in places they have never ventured before.

We have had to change and modify our spaces, our practices and everything about our daily living to be able to successfully navigate working and schooling from home. Every day is a new adventure in adaptation and flexibility.

How grateful we are to our amazing Runoia camp staff who have dug right in and figured out some creative and interesting ways to engage our campers who are missing their after school activities. Many of these staff are teachers by day and are navigating their own virtual or online school days and then come home to drum up fabulous camp fun. Jen has shifted from all things horses to all things Runoia Youtube, Barb is a super hero ukulele player trading a bathing suit for other costumes and numerous other staff are making videos, hosting EP, singing songs at campfire and prepping talents for this week’s talent show. We are so grateful for their willingness to be flexible, adaptive and to show up and show off their incredible skill sets.

We know that it’s hard to imagine what the future may bring or understand how tomorrow may look different than today. We will keep adapting, changing and being flexible. We will use our life skills to move forward and we will keep sharing our talents with our camp family.

The great thing about crumbs on the carpet is that they vacuum up pretty easily!

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