Maine Maple Syrup – natures bounty

The sap is running!  It is an exciting time of the year in Maine. After being buried in snow we are so happy to see that  spring is just around the corner.   At this time of year local syrup producers long for cold nights and warm days.  As the air warms up and the signs of spring appear, trees are tapped and buckets of sap collected in order to produce real Maine maple syrup. The temperatures must be below freezing at night and above during the day time. Right now with a thaw happening conditions in Maine are perfect.

Maple syrup comes from sap.

By literally tapping into Mother Nature sap is collected and boiled down in a simple process that produces maple syrup. It does however, take a large quantity of sap, time, patience with the weather and a willingness to get outdoors even with a chill in the air and snow still on the ground.

Maine Maple Sunday is the last weekend in March if you have the chance to pop up to Maine it is a fun time to see the process in action.  Maple Syrup producers are often small, family owned operations that welcome the public to visit and see the all-natural product being made.  Along with the syrup there are always a large selection of yummy maple products to try, our favorites are maple popcorn and maple beans.


Great Pond frozen.

Sometimes we wish we had winter camp at Runoia then we could do fun things like this!  Can you imagine skating on Great Pond, cross country skiing around the archery field and warming up by the fire in the Lodge?  Sadly the shacks would be a little chill so I suppose we will have to stick with our summer overnight camp experience.

We are now actively counting down the days until camp! 119 to go.

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