Sleep away Camp in Maine – ‘the way life should be’.

This past summer a photo journalist from Maine Magazine spent some time with our alumnae at Runoia’s 110th reunion.  It was a bit of a wild and windy day for August but the Camp Runoia warmth shone through.  The reporter was amazed that women of all ages had traveled from near and in some cases very far to join together to celebrate their Maine sleep away camp experiences.  For many the time they had spent as a child at camp had been a very long time ago yet the memories and friendships made had truly lasted a lifetime.

Camp Friends for always!

It is very exciting for us to be featured in the camp issue of the magazine and to get the front cover cameo! How perfect to see alums flicking through the log books that record a hundred years of our sleep away camp history.  Runoia in 2017 still maintains the spirit and some of the activities that girls participated in back in 1907.  We are proud of our heritage, history and traditions.


The passion that these women have for Runoia was apparent, they dove into the chilly waters of Great Pond to swim to Oak Island in order to raise money for the scholarship program, sang songs with gusto and shared memories and stories from their childhoods.  Many brought along their family members to share the experience and enjoyed playing and laughing together and sharing meals in the dining hall.

Maine is the perfect place to spend time in the summer, the clear cool lake, usually bright sunny days and nights filled with the cries of the loons make it a relaxing getaway.  Camp still provides girls from many different places the chance to grow and learn together.  They build long lasting relationships, have a chance to embrace the natural world and be a part of something bigger than themselves.


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