New program at Runoia

Piloting a new program at camp is always interesting.  The easiest part is often brainstorming in the winter months and getting everything down on paper.  Success is achieved by finally putting it into action during the short but incredibly busy summer.  After the program is initially piloted decisions are then made as to whether the program enhances the Runoia experience.

This past summer Harmony Land Camp at Runoia was born.  We formulated a program so that younger girls could experience all that Runoia has to offer in a shorter session.  A shift in demand has allowed us the opportunity to offer a 10 or 12 day experience for girls ages 7-9.  While some girls are eager for a full 3 1/2 week session at this age others may not be quite ready or summer schedules just don’t allow for the length of time away.


Harmony Land Camp (HLC) was a huge success; the campers got a great taste of camp activities, Runoia daily life, day trips and community.  They spent a little more time in a smaller group, had a few earlier nights and we worked through some minor teething problems.  In 2017 HLC is going live as a fully-fledged Camp Runoia program with 3 sessions and the opportunity for more girls to have an introductory Camp Runoia overnight  experience.


Even after 110 seasons we are open to trying new things, taking safe risks and continuing to develop Runoia as a premier girl’s camp that meets the needs of the current market.  It is never too early to start building life skills.

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