Majors and Minors at Camp Runoia –what’s the rhyme and reason?

Camp is unplugged. Camp is spontaneous. Camp involves free play. Why is there a daily schedule?


Majors – picked weekly, allow campers to focus on one activity five times in a week. For long term projects (baskets, stained glass, the camp play) it allows time in the week to accomplish the project. More importantly, a major allows depth of knowledge in an activity (archery, riding, sailing, windsurfing), consistent training and a commitment to learn and develop. Campers attending for one session will have three majors in their camp summer. Swimming lessons are like a major in that they happen the same activity period every day. In a typical week, campers have 4-5 swimming lessons depending on trips and weather. The depth of both majors and swimming lessons build life long skills.


Tag up! Our minors are activities in the other-than-major activity periods that campers get the chance to pick and change every day. Campers are called to the tag board and get to choose from a number of activities every day. Since you can’t pick the same activity twice in a day, a camper gets to try a variety of different activities in any given day or week at camp. From art to the water sports to land sports to camp craft skills, climbing tower or an improv class – life is full and exciting during camp. So much to learn and try and do.


As a Runoia camper, you get to specialize in three majors plus do about 45-50 minors in a summer! So much choice – so much to do! You’d better come back at least a few summers so you can do it all. And with all the friends you’ll make and the beauty of the campus and the lake, you’ll absolutely want to return summer after summer.

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